testimonial :: what our customers say

from: Elaine M, UK

Thanks ever so much. It's a lovely program and was more than willing to pay for it. It is just what I want. ... I've been looking for one that suits me for years...so when I downloaded this and used it, I knew it was the one for me.

from: Karen Hogg, Australia

I really liked the program from the first download, and then decided I’d buy it. This one was the 4th one I’d tried so I didn’t jump into it with out comparing it to others.

from: Dr. David Manuel, Canada

I just bought a copy of Chrysanth [NETime] Diary and I am really enjoying - good job.

from: David (Fluid IT), GB

Thanks for the update, and congratulations on sorting the issue! As I said - I really do like this piece of software very much, and we'll be recommending it to our relevant clients. I look forward to the release of the next update, and in the meantime I think I might go and explore the rest of your product catalogue....

from: Megan Little, Canada

I have been a customer for many years now. You company offers great product that I cannot live without. I use it everyday for journaling, general notes & dates, important information I want to secure, and I also have my full photo collection within the program sorted into several albums. I have enjoyed creating an archive of my life and its events. I would, and have recommend your programs to anyone and everyone. I hope to remain a customer always, and Thank you all very much for your services.

from: Megan Little, Canada

I have been a happy user of Chrysanth [net time] diary for some years now. I really do love it....

from: Ashton N. K. Williams, US

Hi and thanks again for such a great program you guys have developed.

from: Lydia, Canada

I buy very few software products because I'm so fussy, but yours won me over and I'm so glad to have it. Last year I wrote a book for my husband using the diary, I have a diary for my thoughts, one for silly things my children do, one to record the weird dreams I've had, among others, I really do love it. It allows me to easily keep track of so many different things. Thanks again for answering my email and for a great product!

from: Lydia, Canada

I've used the Chrysanth [NETime] Diary for over a year now and I have found it incredibly useful, I just love it. I've found it so handy to keep track of many different things all in one place.

from: Denise Crane, US

Not often you see such excellent customer service after the sale. Along with the ease of use of this application and outstanding customer relations, I'll be recommending your software to family, friends and colleagues!

from: Arlene M. Dikes, US

Thank you for replying so soon, and for the credit card credit.. I think I have finally got it, if not I guess I will ask for some much needed help, thank you again. Also I am really enjoying this diary, I have been writing in a journal every day since I was 15, I am now 65, and it is much easier to type than write now.

from: Barry J. Eastman, US

In this era it is difficult to find a company that will assist the customer with a problem to a successful conclusion and want to thank you again for your replies & assistance.

from: Barry J. Eastman, US

I want to THANK YOU ALL for all the assistance with this problem, I really appreciate all the help & patience. If I ever need another writing or another similar program Chrysanth will be the first to look at & will refer anyone else.

from: Anastasia Karalekas, Canada

Your product is excellent, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

success story of: Anoop William, India

In my numerous sleepless night downloading I have never come across such a robust multi utility program with such rich features as Chrysanth [NETime] diary. Its surprising range of function has made my work easier and efficient.

It has brought back my childhood habit of journal keeping and brought much needed order into my hectic college life. Now college project, report and class assignments could be easily done under this single program. The drag and drop features, tidy journal arrangement, the pleasant smileys, WYSIWYG editor, spelling checker, photo organiser and file attachment option has brought rich range of features into my work. The password protection promises to keep the personal materials from prying eyes.

This is definitely one of the best programs I have ever used.

from: C. Wehba, US

I appreciate your diligence to disclose this information, and to offer a refund. This is the kind of ethic that I appreciate and makes me proud to use your software.

from: Danielle, US

Thank you for taking care of this so quickly! I have used [a competing Journal software] for years and paid more for it with the updates and it wasn't capable of doing half of what your journal is and getting a hold of anyone for help was nearly impossible. You can quote me on that too, either leaving or keeping [a competing Journal software]'s name out. Thank you again!

from: Jo Dee Moss, US

I will order the diary, which by the way, after searching and searching looks like the best one on the net. Thank you so much!

from: Kevin Harlan, US

The current [NETime] Diary interface is an *excellent* example of how to do the WYSIWYG interface. If you can manage to implement that same interface on WebStory, and have everything work the same way, you'll have a *huge* leg up on most of your competition.

from: Kevin Harlan, US

I really like the [NETime] Diary interface, because it combines ease of use with flexibility and power. It stays out of my way and lets me do my work in my own way, yet still provides me with many powerful features and options that I'd been wishing for in other products.

from: John David Hoag, US

Overall, great product, and *very* useful. Nice job.